Testimonials from Flew the Coop, LLC Clients

DB - Clarksville, MD

We were anxious to avoid any aggravations in the preparation of the house for sale and Flew the Coop was the perfect choice. Flew the Coop managed and supervised the painting, recarpeting, cleaning the house and garage, checking the house regularly and dealing with our personal issues as they arranged for getting various necessary documents. Flew the Coop shopped for and got a multi USB port for my computer when I couldn't get away from the house, took pictures and gave detailed instruction to real estate appraisers baffled by my garage door instructions, and swept up when the cleaners missed something. If a problem arose, Flew the Coop tackled it without putting stress on us. Flew the Coop provided superb support and I highly recommend them.


JC - Odenton, MD

I relocated for my job and had to move out of state before selling my home.  Flew the Coop provided outstanding property support until the house was sold.  They referred me to other quality businesses for minor repairs and lawn care, and they provided me with thoughtful recommendations for staging my home to look its best.  While the house was on the market, they made regular visits to tidy the house, check on the appliances, and make sure everything was secure.  During one visit, they detected a gas leak and called in the gas company to repair it -- I can only imagine what would have happened without Flew the Coop!  It ultimately took three months to sell the house while I was halfway across the country, but I always had complete peace of mind knowing that my home was in good hands with Flew the Coop.


JU - Elkridge, MD

I am a widow who had the overwhelming task of selling my home. Flew the Coop was recommended by my real estate agent. After an initial meeting, Flew The Coop quickly went to work doing the following:

  • Prepared a proposal suggesting items the staging manager recommended. The proposal included item number, price and places to purchase.

  • Arranged for pick-up of items to be donated or delivered them personally. Provided pricing based on an IRS computer program. Suggested items for donation that I had overlooked.

  • Packed dishes and other breakables for moving.

  • Coordinated services to be provided by handyman and other vendors. Suggested vendors to use.

  • Followed up and kept current with projects to be completed. Researched information I requested such as concrete repair.

The above is a very broad description of the services Flew the Coop provided, I would recommend Flew the Coop to anyone planning a move.