Sample Property Support Services

  • Flew the Coop, LLC can facilitate the myriad details that ensure a home on the market or a temporarily vacated home retains the appealing appearance the homeowner created. If the homeowner has moved out of the area or wants to avoid handling the constant oversight details, Flew the Coop, LLC provides peace of mind that the home is cared for as if it was ours. Please contact us to discuss your plans and we will review all of your needs.

  • Sample property support services include:

    • Visiting the home regularly to ensure the property retains a secure and tidy appearance for Open House and other showings.

    • Picking up 3rd class mail, community fliers, solicitors brochures, packages, etc.

    • Supporting tasks required for a Columbia Association Letter of Compliance, including attending meetings and requesting waivers. 

    • Informing homeowners about yard and home service requirements (snow removal, lawn care, siding power washing, etc.).

    • Scheduling services as requested to coordinate with Open House sessions and showings (e.g. spring mulching, yard clean-up, planting new flowers or decorating with flower boxes). 

    • Placing trash cans and recycling containers on the curb for removal in the week following homeowners’ departure.